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PCB upstream growth find a niche market
View: 2680  From: Golden Faith PCB  Date: 2015-10-26

 Is the USA business Apple supply chain unit PCB upstream of copper foil base Board (CCL) factory Taiwan photoelectric benefit Yu PCB industry higher order CCL needs of obviously recovery, its 2015 3rd quarter performance as fuel rendering even March innovation high of trend, Taiwan photoelectric by create of success main from active sought products upgrade by reached; and in 2015 yilai PC related products missing recovery scene while, PCB upstream industry who are active action sought niche market.

Photoelectric starting in 2013 to halogen-CCL products directly into high temperature and high frequency substrate, now the Taiwan optoelectronics inhalogen-free material shipments and revenues has ranked first in the world.And start another phase of the company's 5-year development plan, furthercutting board materials market for vehicles.


Photoelectric in August 2015, revenues exceeded 2 billion yuan mark, rewritethe July record high of 1.89 billion yuan and, photoelectric Septemberrevenue to 2.101 billion yuan hits new high, increased at an annual rate of 17.55%. And, photoelectric 2015 months rewriting in the 3rd quarter revenuehit record highs under the pump, its 3rd quarter revenue 6.007 billion yuanrecord, compared with the 2nd quarter 23.29% growth, growth 17.91% 5.095billion yuan in the same period a year earlier.


In fact, another CCL Mau electronic product is applied towards the PCphenomenon in the past, last year set up Taiwan Xin Pu plant at the same time, is intended to reverse, in the linked electronic product development,sent under the certification procedure, the server application developcustomer results will appear in the 3rd quarter earnings.


Meanwhile, linked electronic this year in Taiwan Xin Pu plant to increasecapacity, the original monthly capacity of 300,000 CCL 50% to 450,000, itsexpansion plans and will be completed in the 4th quarter and 3.1 million permonth on both sides of the original linked electronic original CCL capacityincreased to 3.25 million.


And in glass fiber cloth factory aspects, rich Joe industrial in this year in sales strategy Shang to industrial level glass fiber cloth match electronic level glass fiber cloth full produced full pin of strategy to maintained its Jia moving rate, while, rich Joe industrial and further development car with Board market, active sought into Lee base market, currently views effectiveness, in 2015 first half of single quarter are can maintained profit of operating.


Industry in 2015 and Joe 3rd quarter because customers increased vehicleplate, maintain stable growth in revenue, also expected profit results for the 3rd quarter, performance is superior to other glass fiber factory.
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